The Secret About The Pillows In The Room Of The Hotel

The Secret About The Pillows In The Room Of The Hotel

Why do all international standard hotels usually have 4 pillows on a double bed? Of course, there are many reasons, but all of them aim to bring their customers utter comfort. The pillows will help the customers to have the most comfortable time and sleep at the hotel. Let find out the secret about the hotel’s pillows in the following article.

1. The pillows make the room more beautiful and harmonious

First and foremost, hotel’s pillows are used for decoration purpose. A large bed covered with white sheets, large sleeping pillows are usually white, so the addition of small pillows will be a beautiful highlight, make the hotel’s bed become more easy on the eyes. 

However, it is also important to choose additional pillows whose size are in keeping with the size of the bed. The pillow colors and patterns must be similar and harmonious with the general design of the room.

2. The pillow is used as an ideal backrest

Almost every customer stay the night at the prioritize comfort and relaxation over other factors. These pillows are a great idea for a backrest to read books, watch TV or cellphone. 

Nevertheless, sometimes they have to work on their resting time at the hotel. So, they can use these pillows to put their laptop on instead of the working table.

3. The pillows help guests sleep better and deeper

Health experts say that the quality of sleep is affected greatly by pillows. Because sleeping on pillows too high or too low will affect the spine. Therefore, in order for their guests to sleep scientifically, hotels have retrofitted small pillows corresponding to the number of guests in the room and recommend using them properly to have a good night’s sleep.

Specifically, in order for the spine to have a natural curvature position, both the head and neck must be placed on a large pillow. The small pillows are placed under the legs to help the muscles relax and ensure the best blood circulation.

Medical studies show that sleeping on pillows with unsuitable height affects the spine directly. If the pillow is too high, it may cause bone diseases, especially the cervical spondylosis or stretching of the spine. If the pillow is too low, you are at risk of scoliosis.

In addition, some people also have the habit of hugging something while sleeping, and small pillows become the best choice when guests are at the hotel.

4. Why doesn’t the hotel have a long pillow?

In fact, each type of pillow has a different size and use. In general, for each hotel, the pillow must be able to to bring comfort to the user as well as being an indispensable decoration. So why doesn’t the hotel have a long pillow?

It can be said that the hotels do not set up a long pillow in the room to ensure scientific sleep for their guests. In our life, most people care about the length and width of a pillow and forget about another important issue that is the scientific sleep of the pillow user. Inappropriate pillow size will lead to neck pain, shoulder pain or poor sleep quality.

According to scientific experts, If you like to sleep on your sides, you just place a small pillow under your knee instead of a large and long pillow. Because a square-shaped pillow will do a better job than a long pillow.

In addition, the hotel does not use long pillows to save space on the bed. It makes the bed look bigger and more luxurious.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the article above will help you better understand the secret about the pillows in the room of the hotel. At the same time, you can see the important role of the pillows for each person’s sleep. Do not forget to keep these in mind to improve the quality of your sleep.